Tribe vs. Truth in Entertainment

entertaining the masses with intent

The mass audiences of entertainment compared to the thousands of small niches which make up this great multitude on overage function from groupthinks flaunting misconceptions rather than truth. Lunatic fringes on the extreme wings of entertainment present forms of art unavailable elsewhere, but the mass audiences prefer form over function and tiny white lies over uncomfortable truths in their entertainment, and their creations are available everywhere.

Truth in Entertainment

When the mass audiences are presented with truth, it can result in dangerous backlashes with internet campaigns and physical protestors calling out the entertainment producers for being racist, alt right, extreme left or belonging to other groupthink ideologies. But the reality is that racism, alt right and extreme left fringes exist in the world. Movies stray from truth to prevent these backlashes, and to satisfy the general mass audience of entertainment.

Tribe in Entertainment

Satisfying the tribes of the scene is the cream of the crop for the business machine that is entertainment. The groupthinks of America who expect certain things in their media shape what the most popular forms and creations of entertainment are. The forms and creations of entertainment that do no stray in these restrictions and would rather show truth are on average less popular than the movies that do. Tribalism in entertainment-expectations result in the same tropes repeating themselves more subconsciously than aught. For example, the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies were very successful because they straid within the limits of ancient mythology and made a gesture of bringing this mythology back to life with tenacity.

Tribe and Truth in Entertainment

When tribes and truth are both being rendered at the same time in entertainment, beautiful things happen. These tend to be creations of entertainment that are not in the extreme fringes but the truth presented is still somewhat controversial and relevant to the mass audience of entertainment. Combining truth with tribalism gives content creators the tools they need to touch the hearts of as many people as possible, because it entertains not only the mass audience but many of the lunatic fringes as well. Use this knowledge responsibly for the greater good and you will entertain many people.