Thinking Those Thoughts

You Know The Thoughts I’m Talking About?


The ones that make you think twice about your first response? The ones that create judgement, and the thoughts that intrude! These little minions are running around my mind today and now it’s time to let them go with this wonderful post I am about to write. That is my intentions with writing this, it’s not entirely to vent but it’s to just move my thoughts to the post through the keyboard and not force anything. I won’t be going in and making any edits besides the bolding I like to do, for importance of course. So this is going to lead into a bunch of different topics and truly it’s an experiment. I always like to proof read and more often than not have a family member or friend proof read but with this post I feel that if I am writing exactly what is on my mind I won’t be making mistakes. Visualization of exactly what needs to be written and having it appear in front of me in this very moment. Finding that I may be repeating myself, I’m not sure; I’m not going back! Just going to keep going and see what happens. I like this plan, and it feels right, so I should do it.

The Ice Cream Post!


Did you know Victoria has the best soft ice cream on the planet? I experienced this quaint little cafe/treat shop and it had by far the best soft ice cream I have ever tasted. I felt at one with this ice cream cone; Derek dropped his sundae and I laughed… Though feeling guilty I bought him the exact same cone I had purchased and he was astonished. No exaggeration, he has been hundreds of times on dates and for social gatherings but the one ice cream cone I chose he had never had and was just amazed by the texture… Yes this is a paragraph about ice cream cones, but hey! If your in Victoria, British Columbia, and are looking for the best ice cream cones around, I highly recommend checking out Beacon Hill Ice Cream.

Now unfortunately I didn't get a photo of mine, this one looks very similar though!

Now unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of mine, this one looks very similar though! Not to mention the photo really does put it on a pedestal, the place deserves an award for world’s smoothest soft ice cream.


Feeling weird today, and I like it; oddly. Going to go for a swim and do my best to experience this gorgeous weather.

Thank you for following my blog you guys really are the best… Family and friends obviously you are in a different category but not at the same time, for those who just come to read and kind of see things from my perspective I have just as much respect for you and want you to remember that you are a huge reason as to why I write this today! Little note for all, take care of yourself, this means cleaning, organization, and living a healthy life; then you can take care of others to the fullest.

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P.S. This post is delayed unfortunately but I did get it up today, I do my best! 

With focus and contentment,

Little Old Me