Down Time And Recuperation

Enjoying The Weather From The Inside!


Today has been such an incredible day, I love having my loved ones around me and on a Sunday to have such positive energy in my circle? Wow, what a blessing. It’s been pretty relaxed so far, haven’t gotten up to a whole lot and you know what? It feels great! Aren’t they called ‘Lazy Sundays’? I believe that’s a common expression and I am going to put it into practice with this article! Today I am here to share with you a whole lot of chillness! Something different, and I like that.

It’s been a busy week, a lot going on my in life right now and having a whole lot of new things and experiences thrown my way! This is a good thing because I do love growth, but we all need balance. Doing everything I can to not¬†overwork myself, it’s going pretty well so far, especially with a day like today. Are you lounging around? Have your feet ‘kicked up’? Or are you in a gym or in front of a computer screen trying to grow your business? I want to know what your Sunday is normally like, you can share with¬†me here! I know for a fact that I like to utilize this time to recuperate and prepare for Monday; it’s a ritual I have. That’s something about little old me you might not know, when I am not outside fighting crime and catching bad guys, I am here on my couch trying to get in a quick snooze.

In all seriousness I hope you guys take time out of your day to enjoy the relaxation and utilize the down time to be mentally prepared for a week full of excitement! My intentions with this post were to simply share the importance of that, I’ve been doing a lot of reading, a lot of reminiscing, and a whole lot of nothing! It’s beautiful, but it’s also important not to take this time for granted; using it to rest is time well spent.

My last post to you guys I talked a lot about reading and what I have learned from my recent book.. The post is here, and I want to say that if you are interested in personal development and fighting off negativity, really take a look at my fourth paragraph.

Thank you all for following this little blog of mine, you know how to contact me and you surely know that I wish you the best on this journey of life and hope to hear from you soon!

Enjoy your ‘Lazy Sunday’!



Little Old Me