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Valuing Materialism


I want to talk a little bit about materialism today, during my stay in Victoria, British Columbia I have seen more people on their cell phones than I believe I have ever seen… I think it has something to do with this new ‘Pokemon GO‘ trend that will surely set in the near future. Writing this with the intent to add a little value and insight into my readers minds. The forces of materialism are strong, believe me, I’m far from a saint and can easily get sucked into a good game of Candy Crush. Though right now I feel as if our world is being forgotten about, all these people finding ways to escape their reality in search of ‘entertainment’ when all the entertainment we need is right in front of us at all times! It’s inside us! I think a lot of people have forgotten that everything comes from within and this ‘boredom’ people speak of, really is just a lack of creativity… We are creating beings, and I believe this needs to be drilled into every human being.

The Wrath Of Pokemon GO

The Wrath Of Pokemon GO

Having such an incredible day, and I hope you are too! The sun is blazing, it’s roughly thirty degrees out and we are just about to head to the nearest lake! Derek’s driving has me on my toes most of the time but the man does have a strong focus, I’ll give him that. He has also hopped on to the Pokemon train, this is such a comical thing for me as I remember when the game first came out years ago and now it’s like it’s back from the dead! Taking over the human race by the looks of it, went to go see the moon at a place called Clover Point and I swear there was at least fifty people huddled near a park bench where I guess there was a shop of some kind? Not entirely sure as to how it works but I do find it quite hilarious! Maybe I’ll give it a try, who knows…. Just kidding, I’ll stick with the force of Candy Crush.

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