The Quest In Victoria

Have You Been To Victoria, British Columbia?


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I am currently overlooking the water from my nephews balcony, he is renting this quaint little apartment on Johnson St. This is basically the center of downtown, it is absolutely gorgeous here. We’ve hit a few bumps in the road on this journey so far; I arrived late last night and we were surprised to find that there has been a major leak in the roof; dealing with draining slime substance at midnight isn’t the most fun thing in the world. Thankfully we managed to get it cleaned up and found a number of buckets to temporarily deal with it… We phoned a bunch of different local companies as Derek’s manager is out of town; figures. We got in touch with a window cleaning company who offers a lot more than just window cleaning and thankfully they came to save the day, quoted us a fantastic price but obviously Derek will be invoicing Tania; Derek’s manager. Apparently the roof has a build up of moss and other scraps as well as chunks of debris which caused some leakage? I’m honestly not sure, I am just grateful that they fixed the outer portion so the issue won’t persist. We are still looking for a local company to come and fix his ceiling as it is bubbling and dripping… That has been my day so far, but it’s still a beautiful day! We just need to get this finished up so we can go enjoy the weather; Derek mentioned kayaking.

Besides the havoc of the dripping slime, Derek introduced me to this wonderful place in Market Square called “Wannawaffle”. I took a photo of the front of the store that I wanted to upload today but for some reason my phone isn’t cooperating! Jeez, it’s definitely going to be a local craft beer day.


Victoria is fantastic, I highly recommend this vacation to any of those who want a beautiful water view and to be surrounded by friendly locals. He just mentioned something about a water taxi and it sounds like after we find a company to deal with his bubbly ceiling we’re going to be heading down to the inner harbor! Water taxi’s, kayaking, Authentic Belgian Waffles, and a sunny day. This makes up for any draw backs as just writing this down has me more excited!

Please if you haven’t checked out my latest post on my homepage or the couple before that, they are right here! (I also linked this beautiful song by City And Colour in one of my posts) Dallas Green has changed my life.

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I hope everyone is enjoying the day, it only gets better as long as you keep a positive mindset and focus on selflessness, this doesn’t mean don’t take care of yourself (I have and am still learning this) this means that you simply give when you can and receive what you get with little to no resistance; like a child.

With acceptance and gratitude,

Little Old Me