The Adventure Begins!

Going To Dive Into A Lake Tomorrow!


Plenty of different ways to get hypothermia, let’s see if a lake does the job! In all seriousness I have come to the conclusion that I need more adventure in my life, I have recently begun experimenting with all these little things that take me out of my comfort zone. For instance, I am not a huge swimming fan nor do I really enjoy being in large bodies of water but hey! Let’s do it! I also recently purchased a set of roller blades and plan on falling on my butt plenty of times before I gather the courage to go down a hill. Focusing on flat surfaces and doing my best to figure out which foot I prefer the break on, that’s where I’m at with rollerblading! So many little things that really make you hesitate and second guess yourself, I’ve learned to trust myself to the point where I understand it’s going to happen the way it’s suppose to happen, if you want something, go get it; period.

I hope you have managed to check out my about page, here I write a little bit about how I love to attack the things that I desire; it makes me warm inside knowing I can get anything I want once I set my mind to it. You can too! Follow your intuition, please. I spoke with this incredible human being at a music festival months back, his name is Sherman and I was asking him advice to give a fellow traveler. The words he said to me were “If I have learned anything in this life, we only have two things for certain, we have this very moment, and our intuition.” Since this experience I have looked at life a lot different but not to the point where I am on a whole new course; I knew I was heading in this direction, which is sort of why I believe it happened for a reason. This man came about at the perfect time for me, the things I have been reading, what my mentors have been saying to me, the advice my parents have been giving me, it all coincides.

Advice from little old me, let the universe run it’s course, just focus on what you desire.

With vast amounts of love,


I love this, dance Susan, dance.


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