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Are You Rushing, Dragging or Staying in the Rhythm?

not rushing or dragging

Hello, everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting all that much in the last while, but I got more free time these days and so here I am! As you know, this blog would like to ask you to find a rhythm in life. This is so important for our well-being. And now I got something for you that may clarify why finding a rhythm is so important.

My friend the other day was talking to me about music. Now as you know I love music because it’s all about rhythm. My friend told me about how a drummer can drag behind the rest of the band to make things sound off, and he can also rush on the drums to make the whole band sound off. Therefore, the key to being a good drummer is to stay in the right rhythm. Isn’t that powerful? I think that’s a great metaphor for life.

When you’re not dragging behind in your goals or rushing and doing things sloppily, that means you’re in the right place. You’re right where you want to be.

So throughout your day I recommend you keep asking the question, “Am I falling behind or moving too fast?” If your answer is “No!” then that’s a good thing. Find that rhythm and stay in it. Not always will it be easy to stay in it, but at least you’ll be able to know when things are a little off. Most people never consider this, so us lucky folk now have an upper hand. Remember this and use it often.

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