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“Staying on Beat”? What does it mean?


Music is a great metaphor for every walk of life, because it has a beat and so does our hearts. But our hearts and music are not the only things that have a beat. Our rhythm in life does too! For instance if you have a passionate goal to reach the heights of success at whatever it is you do, you must take advantage of rhythm. Have you been staying on beat?

Is the music soundtrack of your life energetic or sad? Either answer is good. A sad, slow beat of life might be best for certain poets and musicians but I personally prefer an upbeat to get me motivated and smiling while I step to the beat at work.

Staying on beat in your life means doing the things you said you were going to do. Not just that, but taking advantage of opportunities that swing your way too. If you are stuck in the ditch, hop back onto the groove and get down with the beats of nature to reach your destination, baby. Oh yeah!

There is no time to waste and nothing close to being called hard work when you are having funky fun and dancing the beat you were meant to groove to. I give you this reminder because I had to remind myself recently. Previously I wrote about music as a metaphor for life and I have no doubt that writing that piece has inspired myself more than it can possibly inspire any one of you readers. I hope I am wrong, though.

Am I? Let us see, after we hop back to the right beat together…