My Brother Connor.

Those Memories That Never Fade


It is truly hard to put into words what this man has done for me and my life. I think his specialty is pleasing people, you know how some people are considered ‘people pleasers’? Connor is one of them. Though it’s nice because all of his actions are altruistic, and he doesn’t get overwhelmed and look at himself as a ‘people pleaser’, this I truly find fascinating. Connor phoned me last night just to talk about life, it was such a wonderful surprise as I was folding my laundry (which I really did not want to be doing). He begun sharing with me what he’s been doing; he’s been studying architecture and has really begun spreading his wings with regards to exploring himself! He just recently got home from a Central America trip that he did not tell anyone of our family members about… This had me a little frustrated but I brushed it off, that is a huge adventure and for him to not share? Seems rather rude to me, but like I said, I brushed it off and we continued sharing stories. It’s been over eight months since we’ve seen each other and we both agreed that it’s time for a family gathering; looking to spend Christmas with the family this year!

I remember when we were younger I used to traumatize him, he would be innocently playing with action figures of some kind or utilizing his imagination and envisioning spaceships and bad guys; I would come in and stomp on his parade explaining how I am the king of the castle. These are things I feel bad about and I think that is why I’m typing them out today; just to get it off my chest I guess. I think about those things now and can’t remember what drove me to do them, at this point in my life I would be one of the first people at his door step if he needed help; no matter the distance. That’s brother and sister love I guess! Not much I can do about it besides do everything I can right now to make him smile. Now I wasn’t as bad as the gentleman in the video I linked to above, and if memory serves me correctly that is his girlfriend / wife he is pranking; though believe it or not this reminds me so much of the stuff I used to do to Connor!

We have since then aged, and most importantly matured as you can age yet for some reason not carry the ability to mature. The level of independence that shot up in my early teens changed everything for me. During those years I spent a lot of time with my brother and that’s when we really begun to connect. Do you have a brother or sister that means the world to you? I’ve been writing about how to this day I still feel guilty for the nonsense I put him through, though I have also talked about how our relationship at this point has never been stronger. Sure, we don’t see each other very much but I guess it goes back to that saying “True friends you don’t have to be around often, you can go years without seeing one another yet when you do come in contact it feels like you’ve been together the whole time you were apart.” I feel that I dragged it on a little bit but you get the picture! I’ve always had high thoughts about those words, because it is beyond true!

Wanted to inform everyone that I have a brother and he is the best! I apparently also wanted to shed some things that needed to be released. I’m sure I’ll talk more about Connor in the future as he does play a huge part in my life with regards to my self motivation and sheer determination. Having close loved ones is everything I need to keep the fire lit underneath my butt, those things help me attack my desires. I love it!  

Does your family help motivate you? Are you self motivated? Do you eat McDonalds or do you buy fresh food and cook at home?

Some questions I would like to know the answers too, please don’t be shy! Contact me today, I’m home for the afternoon/evening and would love to hear from you!

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weekend!

With love and gratitude,

Little Old Me