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The Sacred Path of the Warrior


A couple of weeks ago I touched on this book I have been reading, this book truly has changed my perspective and opened my mind to new light. Extremely profound statements are made and if you approach them with an openness and genuine curiosity you can reap rewards as long as your motive remains pure. I talk a little bit about the book here but now I would like to share with you some key factors as I have done some rereading and applied concepts that I never thought would have such an affect on me and my life.

Before I speak about what I have been doing my best to apply and talk more about the beautiful things I have been learning, as I did direct you to my previous post I would like to add that rollerblading still has been on the back burner. I know right? I need to get out there, and I will; when it feels like the right thing to do I guess. I think one of the things that is really holding me back mentally is that leap, who knows, maybe I am just lazy. I’m not though, so this seems odd to me, the level of excitement I had when I got them was at huge levels and now they sit and collect dust. Perhaps I need a rollerblading buddy, maybe I will make a Craigslist post and have it be intriguing to anyone by having the title be something along the lines of “French Girl On Vacation Needs Rollerblading Buddy”. Now I would not do this, but the thought came to mind and it made me chuckle, I had to share.

On the topic of change and growth, this book truly has opened my mind. I often recite the words aloud like a choir in a church; Finding A Rhythm in the way my vocal pattern changes as my breath is exhaled, and letting myself naturally breathe in. The Sacred Path Of The Warrior written by Chogyam Trungpa is a book that has the potential to bring someone from a depressive state to a balanced state, with knowledge in text and steps of discipline incorporated in; I give it no less than a ‘must read’ review. I have found a new job and I believe it came about from the teachings of this book! Is that a powerful statement to make? Yes, do I love my new job? Yes!

I will give you a hint, but that is a whole other topic, and for another time. I help people, that’s the clue I give to you! So these key factors I talked about earlier are states of Warriorship. Inscrutability, outrageousness, meekness, and perkiness. Defined by The Dragon, The Garuda, The Snow Lion, and The Tiger. Now I did say I wanted to share with you the key factors and this is not to for me to be promoting the book in any way shape or form but I do recommend reading it to gain a better understanding of these states. Radiating confidence, peaceful, illuminating your life, the application of discipline and finding joy within the practice. Fearlessness and attainment of purity and balance. Selflessness and egolessness formed, altruistic actions thought ahead and given openly and willingly. These are things that the book touches on, interested? Contact me here to ask how I used this book to gain new positive experiences in my life. The journey has been beautiful and as far as this little adventurers levels of joy go, this book has spiked them. Though I’m finding myself in a neutral position, and this is a goal, seeing things for what they are and not focusing on the things I can’t control. I am a very confident woman when it comes down to it, my mother gave that to me; a crazy yet beautiful human being she is…

I would like to hear your thoughts on this article specifically, I did something a little different here and I want to know more about what you all want to see in my writings. I have viewers from home and viewers from far, I like emails *hint, hint*.

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If the sun comes out, I’m going rollerblading. I’ll share with you how that goes some other time.

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