Being Honest



Honesty if of huge importance to me, my last post I was writing about how I am going to be traveling to Victoria, British Columbia. I could have easily second guessed myself and made the decision based on “Oh no, I can’t do that. That’s to expensive”. Now where is the fun in that? Life is suppose to be FUN most importantly happiness is always suppose to be something we strive for. I love the idea and am following through, I have booked my trip!

If you make the decision to first do something and it feels right, your actually listening to yourself; do it! The outcome is fantastic, if you start to feel bad you have obviously let your conscious mind intervene with your heart and the ‘logic’ we so have has stomped all over the feeling of basic goodness.

The writing here is I think derived from a book I have been reading “The Way Of Shambhala”. This book is changing my life and the teachings and principles in this book have really created new insight in my way of living life. Rollerblading hasn’t been going quite the way I want it too, all the time I thought I had has been put into other things that seem to be springing up, if I have learned anything thus far, it is to trust it. These other things apparently I want more than to be awesome at rollerblading, and that’s okay. It was an absolute beautiful day, I spent a lot of time reading and surprisingly had an incredible nap (I don’t sleep much) as much as I love sitting and resting I always find I have so much on the go. One thing at a time Susan, one thing at a time…


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Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weekend!


Excited to write to you again,

Little Old Me