Derek In A Nut Shell

Well remember how I told you Derek got a job? Not only is Derek a ladies man, he also happens to be quite the con artist. He managed to pull some strings and get a management position with another window and gutter cleaning company… He claims to be “the best window and gutter cleaning expert around”. Now I have faith in him, more than most people, I will say that he is one of the hardest workers I know and if he sets his mind to something he will get it done. If he wants to be the best window and gutter cleaner then he most certainly can be. Derek is one of those unique individuals who can say something to themselves and have it become reality. 

He once told me he would be the best rower on his team, that year he was the reason a record was set in his division. That is Derek in a nutshell. 

I had to get that out as I was beyond surprised… Sitting at home and pick up the phone to the little guy basically shouting into my ear. I was grateful when I picked up the first call to hear that he had gotten a job with a window cleaning company, now he’s in management? I am currently thinking “con artist”, though I know he is an honest man and if he said it, he’ll do it. I am just in shock. 

Wow, after reading what I just wrote, I think I am jealous… Perhaps it is time I find myself in a position of management with a successful company. Though I like to do things my way, getting to management has always been a challenge as I do things as I see fit (probably my confidence that always is mistaken for arrogance has locked me in a position below management..) When I feel it deep down inside that I am right, I follow that feeling; is that my fault? I don’t believe so. More often than not I hit a bulls eye following that feeling, and if I don’t I learn something that helps me in other aspects of my life; guaranteed.

Bills are being paid with what I am currently doing, but management now sounds so intriguing. I do my best to be stern so that miscommunication is a non-issue. Stern might not be the correct word to use, I am open to change and other peoples opinions; dearly. Perhaps straight forward with my intentions is a better way to explain it. This has costed me a lot of jobs, and a lot of friends…

Not everyone likes hearing the honest truth, I feel if I were to get a position of management I would need to tone my delivery down a tad, but always remaining truthful. I just watched a beautiful video of one of my favorite actors. I am going to leave this with you, please share it as I believe this could help numerous people. Also, share my blog if you’d like!