Creating New Memories

In a previous post I talk about memories that never fade. Never-fading memories are crucial to the want to make new memories, because, of course, the new memories you wish to create should be ones you want to remember in your old age. But how do you create new memories like this? The answer is rather simple: with intent! Creating new memories with intent means they have a pre-purpose, not just a purpose that you realize after the fact. But, then, we must ask, how do you create memories with intent? Let’s find out together!


First we must define the word “intent.” What does it mean to you? To me, intent means with conscious awareness. So to make a memory with conscious awareness means to have a before-hand plan. Creating memories that never fade away, therefore, means doing things you’ve consciously prepared to do, like going on vacation, writing that book finally, and so on.

Some of the memories I wish to make are going on a week-long excursion through the woods with my brother, eating sushi in Japan with all my friends, and having my 80th birthday in a kid’s jungle gym with excess beverages. These kinds of memories are worth-while. But you don’t necessarily need to plan a memory in order for it to be memorable.

Sometimes the memories you create by accident or unintentionally are extraordinary, like spontaneously meeting up with your friends on a Tuesday. You can even argue that these spontaneous memories are more meaningful because they’re “natural” so to speak, and not pre-planned. A Christian might go as far to say as they’re rewards for good behavior, or “meant to be” in general. Spiritual people might say these spontaneous memories are a result of synchronicity, or being in the right place at the right time due to fate. A hardcore atheist/scientist might say they’re the result of self-fulfilling prophecies, which is technically no different than the former.

So with all this in mind I hope we can both create new memories that are worth remembering. Thanks for coming back for a nice read and I hope to see you back soon!