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A number of different ways to do so, with this blog I would like to keep it pretty straight forward in the sense that if you have questions regarding my way of writing, why I choose to write the way I do, writing inquires, job offerings, or just want to say “Hey, I like your style”, please email me here!

Going to keep it simple with a site email address, this way I can keep track of those who contact me from here; I have a number of different social media outlets but through past experience I like to separate my followers. I often change up topics or have a specific focus regarding my content/material. For instance I have a YouTube channel focusing on a certain topic but I like to have my followers from YouTube focus on that and have my blog followers focus on my blog material. I’m weird like that… 

For all my new posts please do visit my homepage and for some basic information on who I am and what I am about please check out my about page!


With gratitude and excitement,

Little Old Me