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Wow, These Guys Deserve The Best


So everyone who has been following my blog knows I recently spent some time in Beautiful British Columbia, specifically in Victoria. Here is a link to one of my previous posts where I talk about all of the Pokemon players; such a funny yet awesome sequence of events… I’m writing this article because of the incredible phone call I just received from my nephew Derek. During my stay he ran into a serious leakage issue, it ended up causing both of us some grief during my stay; the issue was resolved and the company who cleared his roof and removed all the scattered debris actually mentioned a position of employment that was available. Fortunately for him, these window cleaners just got back in contact with him and offered him a job! I didn’t mention it before but another reason for my visit to the city was that Derek has been battling some serious financial issues and I was there to assist as well as obviously give him the support he deserves. I had to share as this has just completely lifted my day!

I have been in constant contact with Derek and in all honesty have been some sort of counselor for the guy, I will always be there for him; though the negative energy is some what draining. The phone call he received lifted his spirit and when we were on the phone that was the happiest I’ve heard him since we were in the middle of the ocean on kayaks sharing stories about childhood. It’s hard for me to put into words how this makes me feel, Derek has become a huge part of my life and hearing that change in his life story has brought energy into my life that I believe I have needed! On the topic of kayaks, he got me hooked! I just recently got back from a little journey which included a bearded gentleman and a two person kayak, he paid, and I brought the wine.


You know how they say a photo says a thousand words? Well the peacefulness that this photo radiates is exactly how I felt while kayaking. I like my single life, but reaching out and stepping right outside my comfort zone with a gentleman who took initiative and showed genuine interest in my life story brought me honest joy; that’s a victory in my books. More on this in the near future as we do have a second date planned, want to know the interesting thing about this? He suggested the kayaking trip, and my first kayaking experience with Derek made me feel light and fuzzy as the ocean floor does often creep me out. My journey with Keith was rather, peaceful.

Now if you’ve read into me a bit, you know I like to attack things I desire (in a good way).

Should I move forward with this? I think it’s time Derek councils me a bit, he seems to be quite the ladies man back in Victoria.

Vast amounts of love sent your way,

Little Old Me