The Value Of Objects

Valuing Materialism


I want to talk a little bit about materialism today, during my stay in Victoria, British Columbia I have seen more people on their cell phones than I believe I have ever seen… I think it has something to do with this new ‘Pokemon GO‘ trend that will surely set in the near future. Writing this with the intent to add a little value and insight into my readers minds. The forces of materialism are strong, believe me, I’m far from a saint and can easily get sucked into a good game of Candy Crush. Though right now I feel as if our world is being forgotten about, all these people finding ways to escape their reality in search of ‘entertainment’ when all the entertainment we need is right in front of us at all times! It’s inside us! I think a lot of people have forgotten that everything comes from within and this ‘boredom’ people speak of, really is just a lack of creativity… We are creating beings, and I believe this needs to be drilled into every human being.

The Wrath Of Pokemon GO

The Wrath Of Pokemon GO


The Quest In Victoria

Have You Been To Victoria, British Columbia?


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I am currently overlooking the water from my nephews balcony, he is renting this quaint little apartment on Johnson St. This is basically the center of downtown, it is absolutely gorgeous here. We’ve hit a few bumps in the road on this journey so far; I arrived late last night and we were surprised to find that there has been a major leak in the roof; dealing with draining slime substance at midnight isn’t the most fun thing in the world. Thankfully we managed to get it cleaned up and found a number of buckets to temporarily deal with it… We phoned a bunch of different local companies as Derek’s manager is out of town; figures. We got in touch with a window cleaning company who offers a lot more than just window cleaning and thankfully they came to save the day, quoted us a fantastic price but obviously Derek will be invoicing Tania; Derek’s manager. Apparently the roof has a build up of moss and other scraps as well as chunks of debris which caused some leakage? I’m honestly not sure, I am just grateful that they fixed the outer portion so the issue won’t persist. We are still looking for a local company to come and fix his ceiling as it is bubbling and dripping… That has been my day so far, but it’s still a beautiful day! We just need to get this finished up so we can go enjoy the weather; Derek mentioned kayaking.



Being Honest



Honesty if of huge importance to me, my last post I was writing about how I am going to be traveling to Victoria, British Columbia. I could have easily second guessed myself and made the decision based on “Oh no, I can’t do that. That’s to expensive”. Now where is the fun in that? Life is suppose to be FUN most importantly happiness is always suppose to be something we strive for. I love the idea and am following through, I have booked my trip!

If you make the decision to first do something and it feels right, your actually listening to yourself; do it! The outcome is fantastic, if you start to feel bad you have obviously let your conscious mind intervene with your heart and the ‘logic’ we so have has stomped all over the feeling of basic goodness.


Visiting Family

Beautiful British Columbia


I spent the majority of my childhood in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. What an absolute treasure it was to grow up in the forest surrounded by all different kinds of creatures while spending most of my time at cottages on the lake. My childhood definitely formed a mindset in me, and that is to be one with nature! Nature is what we have and nature is what we are, the laws of life fall into play when you look at nature with an open mind and an open heart. Powerful words and quite profound I know, but these are things that have shaped who I am as a woman. My oldest brother Carol spent years tormenting me and pushing me to my limits with whatever I showed interest in; I thank him for that. To this day I remember the time when we decided it was a fantastic idea to run to the end of the driveway with our ankles tied together… Can you imagine the outcome of this? Laughing as I write this I continue to reminisce and see the glory of the days spent in the wilderness. Now I spend the majority of my time in a cubical or on a treadmill attempting to use my imagination to explore what is on the other side of these four walls. I need to get out more, I think it’s about time I head back to British Columbia.


The Adventure Begins!

Going To Dive Into A Lake Tomorrow!


Plenty of different ways to get hypothermia, let’s see if a lake does the job! In all seriousness I have come to the conclusion that I need more adventure in my life, I have recently begun experimenting with all these little things that take me out of my comfort zone. For instance, I am not a huge swimming fan nor do I really enjoy being in large bodies of water but hey! Let’s do it! I also recently purchased a set of roller blades and plan on falling on my butt plenty of times before I gather the courage to go down a hill. Focusing on flat surfaces and doing my best to figure out which foot I prefer the break on, that’s where I’m at with rollerblading! So many little things that really make you hesitate and second guess yourself, I’ve learned to trust myself to the point where I understand it’s going to happen the way it’s suppose to happen, if you want something, go get it; period.