Creating New Memories

In a previous post I talk about memories that never fade. Never-fading memories are crucial to the want to make new memories, because, of course, the new memories you wish to create should be ones you want to remember in your old age. But how do you create new memories like this? The answer is rather simple: with intent! Creating new memories with intent means they have a pre-purpose, not just a purpose that you realize after the fact. But, then, we must ask, how do you create memories with intent? Let’s find out together!


First we must define the word “intent.” What does it mean to you? To me, intent means with conscious awareness. So to make a memory with conscious awareness means to have a before-hand plan. Creating memories that never fade away, therefore, means doing things you’ve consciously prepared to do, like going on vacation, writing that book finally, and so on.

Some of the memories I wish to make are going on a week-long excursion through the woods with my brother, eating sushi in Japan with all my friends, and having my 80th birthday in a kid’s jungle gym with excess beverages. These kinds of memories are worth-while. But you don’t necessarily need to plan a memory in order for it to be memorable.

Sometimes the memories you create by accident or unintentionally are extraordinary, like spontaneously meeting up with your friends on a Tuesday. You can even argue that these spontaneous memories are more meaningful because they’re “natural” so to speak, and not pre-planned. A Christian might go as far to say as they’re rewards for good behavior, or “meant to be” in general. Spiritual people might say these spontaneous memories are a result of synchronicity, or being in the right place at the right time due to fate. A hardcore atheist/scientist might say they’re the result of self-fulfilling prophecies, which is technically no different than the former.

So with all this in mind I hope we can both create new memories that are worth remembering. Thanks for coming back for a nice read and I hope to see you back soon!


I Talked About Management

The last time I wrote to you guys near the end of my post I talked about me in a management position. Believe it or not I’ve been thinking constantly about this and my mind has been all over the place with regards to what field I will enter. I’ve thought about criminology, I’ve thought about painting, I’ve even thought about daycare… So my mind is really all over the place at this point and my confidence is slowly decreasing as I do want to find a final position where I can have retirement in sight… This has always been a challenging thing for me,(finding my life purpose). Remember when they asked us “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Well I am still trying to figure that out! (more…)

Derek In A Nut Shell

Well remember how I told you Derek got a job? Not only is Derek a ladies man, he also happens to be quite the con artist. He managed to pull some strings and get a management position with another window and gutter cleaning company… He claims to be “the best window and gutter cleaning expert around”. Now I have faith in him, more than most people, I will say that he is one of the hardest workers I know and if he sets his mind to something he will get it done. If he wants to be the best window and gutter cleaner then he most certainly can be. Derek is one of those unique individuals who can say something to themselves and have it become reality. 

He once told me he would be the best rower on his team, that year he was the reason a record was set in his division. That is Derek in a nutshell. 


Be A Rascal

Do you love breaking rules? Or are you someone who colors in the lines and likes to stay inside the box?


Now the last thing in the world I want to do is offend anyone out there. This is a question I like to ask myself, I personally do everything I can to rid myself of any box form. I prefer a circle. Why a circle? So I am constantly finding the rhythm. Life is vibrations so we’ve been told, matter is simply vibrating at very high frequencies. Now if we are always moving whether we know it or not, wouldn’t you want to be moving in a manner where it continues to be constant? Not stopping at corners like you do in a box.


Back And Forth

The Present Moment


If you have learned a little bit about me, you’d know I do my best to live for the moment. That is what this article is going to focus on, it’s going to be short as I do have to run to the store before it closes but I wanted to stop in as this is really all the time I have. I have been living in the moment to the best of my ability and the book I talked about previously has really brought light to this area of my life. Consciously and unconsciously I pop in and out of the moment, want to know my favorite reset? It’s a secret that I have shared with two different individuals and they both mean the world to me. I want to share it with the people who decide to read this. My reset is me saying “Thank you.”



My Brother Connor.

Those Memories That Never Fade


It is truly hard to put into words what this man has done for me and my life. I think his specialty is pleasing people, you know how some people are considered ‘people pleasers’? Connor is one of them. Though it’s nice because all of his actions are altruistic, and he doesn’t get overwhelmed and look at himself as a ‘people pleaser’, this I truly find fascinating. Connor phoned me last night just to talk about life, it was such a wonderful surprise as I was folding my laundry (which I really did not want to be doing). He begun sharing with me what he’s been doing; he’s been studying architecture and has really begun spreading his wings with regards to exploring himself! He just recently got home from a Central America trip that he did not tell anyone of our family members about… This had me a little frustrated but I brushed it off, that is a huge adventure and for him to not share? Seems rather rude to me, but like I said, I brushed it off and we continued sharing stories. It’s been over eight months since we’ve seen each other and we both agreed that it’s time for a family gathering; looking to spend Christmas with the family this year!


Cleaning Companies That You Can Count On

Wow, These Guys Deserve The Best


So everyone who has been following my blog knows I recently spent some time in Beautiful British Columbia, specifically in Victoria. Here is a link to one of my previous posts where I talk about all of the Pokemon players; such a funny yet awesome sequence of events… I’m writing this article because of the incredible phone call I just received from my nephew Derek. During my stay he ran into a serious leakage issue, it ended up causing both of us some grief during my stay; the issue was resolved and the company who cleared his roof and removed all the scattered debris actually mentioned a position of employment that was available. Fortunately for him, these window cleaners just got back in contact with him and offered him a job! I didn’t mention it before but another reason for my visit to the city was that Derek has been battling some serious financial issues and I was there to assist as well as obviously give him the support he deserves. I had to share as this has just completely lifted my day!


Down Time And Recuperation

Enjoying The Weather From The Inside!


Today has been such an incredible day, I love having my loved ones around me and on a Sunday to have such positive energy in my circle? Wow, what a blessing. It’s been pretty relaxed so far, haven’t gotten up to a whole lot and you know what? It feels great! Aren’t they called ‘Lazy Sundays’? I believe that’s a common expression and I am going to put it into practice with this article! Today I am here to share with you a whole lot of chillness! Something different, and I like that.


I Love To Read

The Sacred Path of the Warrior


A couple of weeks ago I touched on this book I have been reading, this book truly has changed my perspective and opened my mind to new light. Extremely profound statements are made and if you approach them with an openness and genuine curiosity you can reap rewards as long as your motive remains pure. I talk a little bit about the book here but now I would like to share with you some key factors as I have done some rereading and applied concepts that I never thought would have such an affect on me and my life.


Thinking Those Thoughts

You Know The Thoughts I’m Talking About?


The ones that make you think twice about your first response? The ones that create judgement, and the thoughts that intrude! These little minions are running around my mind today and now it’s time to let them go with this wonderful post I am about to write. That is my intentions with writing this, it’s not entirely to vent but it’s to just move my thoughts to the post through the keyboard and not force anything. I won’t be going in and making any edits besides the bolding I like to do, for importance of course. So this is going to lead into a bunch of different topics and truly it’s an experiment. I always like to proof read and more often than not have a family member or friend proof read but with this post I feel that if I am writing exactly what is on my mind I won’t be making mistakes. Visualization of exactly what needs to be written and having it appear in front of me in this very moment. Finding that I may be repeating myself, I’m not sure; I’m not going back! Just going to keep going and see what happens. I like this plan, and it feels right, so I should do it.