Be A Rascal

Do you love breaking rules? Or are you someone who colors in the lines and likes to stay inside the box?


Now the last thing in the world I want to do is offend anyone out there. This is a question I like to ask myself, I personally do everything I can to rid myself of any box form. I prefer a circle. Why a circle? So I am constantly finding the rhythm. Life is vibrations so we’ve been told, matter is simply vibrating at very high frequencies. Now if we are always moving whether we know it or not, wouldn’t you want to be moving in a manner where it continues to be constant? Not stopping at corners like you do in a box.

I personally love breaking the rules, this is a little secret of mine as the majority of people I spend my time with know me as a professional individual who is strong and independent. I do open up (often on here), but to be honest with myself and everyone who chooses to follow my little blog, I am just a big suck.

This does not in the least upset me, I am confident with who I am as a human being and being a suck at heart I believe is a good thing; it means I feel things deeply. Conceptualizing things is important, but when you break it down, the importance is to feel it. Now I am quite the rascal which I truly enjoy, I don’t break the law in many forms no… What I do is have fun in this life and understand that the constant flow is something I strive for as an individual! Jay walking here and there, taking the napkins in bundles as fast food places have tons! Taking a break, pausing; and doing what you really want to do instead of what you need to do. Be basically good, carry positive intentions but leave room to be a little bit of a joker so you can relax in this life!

What inspired this article? Probably something I read online, I have been following loads of inspirational and motivational speakers on social media outlets like Facebook and it always spurs my own creativity; I have a huge appreciation for this.

Currently reading a book by Deepak Chopra, absolutely beautifully written. The Book Of Secrets explains a variety of principles, theories, fundamentals, and concepts, it is written in a way where you can willingly apply these things to your own life. I like to look at books like this like the holy bible. You might be thinking “Okay, Susan this is crazy.” Well is it? It’s the guidance that I refer to here, being able to learn from something that you can pick up at a thrift store (that is where I purchased my book), is quite ‘godly’ in my mind.

It’s puts knowledge and it’s pureness ahead of materialism, yes the book is in print but the availability is truly a beautiful thing! I am getting a little off topic here, but that is okay; I love going off on little tangents.

I started this article with the intent to encourage people to break out of the box, but the first thing to do is ask yourself honestly if you believe you are in one. If you feel that you are in something like a box, try and make it a circle. ; ]

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With love and gratitude,

Little Old Me