Back And Forth

The Present Moment


If you have learned a little bit about me, you’d know I do my best to live for the moment. That is what this article is going to focus on, it’s going to be short as I do have to run to the store before it closes but I wanted to stop in as this is really all the time I have. I have been living in the moment to the best of my ability and the book I talked about previously has really brought light to this area of my life. Consciously and unconsciously I pop in and out of the moment, want to know my favorite reset? It’s a secret that I have shared with two different individuals and they both mean the world to me. I want to share it with the people who decide to read this. My reset is me saying “Thank you.”


Does it sound simple? Well it is, and it isn’t. There is a huge different between saying something and meaning something. You have to feel gratitude inside you and be grateful for the ability to even say the words “Thank you.” The problem I have sometimes is overthinking and over complicating the simple process.

What needs to be done is simply saying thank you and begin letting go of what you think is suppose to happen and begin to let things happen! 

Now these are powerful words coming from a stranger, but what is an author? Do you know the author personally? If you have been following my little bog I would hope you are willing to give this a try. I don’t like wasting others people time and I sure as hell don’t like wasting my time. I write these things because I care, and I want you all to know that! = ]

With love and gratitude,

Little Old Me